Ash & Lacy Building Systems

We help to make parts for buildings such as frames, walls, roof and rainscreens. This is called a building envelope solution and can be used for either a new build or to improve an existing building.

القطاع : الهندسة والتصنيع

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أين تتواجد شركتك؟

Our Head Office is in West Bromwich, West Midlands. We also have branches at Glasgow, London, Devon and South Wales.

ما اسمك؟

Dawn Wilkes

ما دورك في الشركة؟

I am a HR Officer.

ما الذي تقوم بتصنيعه و / أو ما الخدمات التي تقوم بتوفيرها؟

We are an architectural engineering company who make all of the exterior componenets that make up a building envelope solution - such as the frame, wall, roof and rainscreen, which can be either a new build or to improve an exisiting building. We do this to an architects specification and have helped to create some really amazing buildings.

ما المميز في شركتك، ما الذي يجعلها مكانًا مميزًا للعمل؟

We have won awards in the roofing and cladding industry and have manufactured some of the components which you can see in places such as Silverstone racetrack, hospitals, schools, leisure centres, car parks - the "Cheesegrater" in Sheffield looks pretty cool - Ministry of Defence buildings. We are always looking to develop both new and existng products to meet the most challenging requirements!

ما عدد الموظفين العاملين لديك؟

Approximately 190

ما المهارات والسمات التي تبحث عنها في الموظفين الجدد؟

We look for people who care about doing a good job, being aware of safety and playing their part within the team whatever part they play.

ما الأدوار الوظيفية الأخرى الموجودة لديك في الشركة؟

FabricatorsWelding OperativesGeneral Machine OperativesSales and Estimation ExecutivesDraughtspersonStructural Engineers

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David Lane

Job role: المحاسبة

كيف تصف الوظيفة التي تشغلها؟

When I receive an enquiry to provide exterior wall panels for a building, I will work with the design team and calculate and estimate a cost for the job to be manufactured to requirement. I analyse the drawings to see what the project might need and materials to be used.

هل هذه وظيفتك الأولى؟ إذا لم يكن الأمر كذلك، فماذا كانت الوظيفة الأولى التي شغلتها؟

Yes. I did two weeks work experience with another manufacturing company. This is where I enhanced my mathematical skills.

ما هي الخطوات التي اتبعتها للحصول على الوظيفة التي تشغلها؟

I applied with a CV and covering letter and was invited to attend an interview with the Estimating Manager.

ما هو الشئ الرائع في الوظيفة التي تشغلها؟

We are a very open and friendly team who work together to share information and help each other to get the job done well. I like being a part of making buildings a success in the way they look and stand out within a community.

ما التدريب الذي تحصل عليه في الدور الوظيفي الذي تشغله؟

Day to day training would involve software such as Sage 200 and Microsoft Office applications which include Excel and Outlook.

ما المهارات المطلوبة للقيام بالوظيفة التي تشغلها؟

It is important to be able to build good relationships with customers over the phone, so you must have a confident manner. You need to be able to plan and organise your work which includes self-discipline. You must be willing to learn as you need to absorb technical information. Therefore, you must have an interest in architecture or construction.

ما هي نوعية شخصيتك؟

  • مهندس معماري - مفكرون إبداعيون وإستراتيجيون، لديهم خطة لكل شيء.

كم عدد سنوات الخبرة المطلوبة للقيام بمهام وظيفتك؟

  • بدون خبرة

كم هو الراتب الذي يمكنك تاحصول عليه بوظيفتك الحالية؟

  • الحد الأدنى للأجور